What people say

Jonah Wyn Pugh

VP Marketing at Siine Ltd

“Stefan is one of the most impressive colleagues I have had the pleasure of working with. His approach to Project Management is exemplary and his attention to detail is unparalleled, but what really makes the difference for me is that his passion for innovation and technology allows him to stay fully informed of all the market's requirements of a project/product, often before the market itself knows what it needs.”

Mateusz Armatys

UX Developer at Siine Ltd

“Working with Stefan is a pleasure. He is very friendly, easy to talk to and always lends a helping hand when you need some advice. He stays away from useless discussions and sticks to the point. He has excellent leadership skills and with his broad knowledge in technology he was able to manage a complex project and team. As a person, he is just a remarkable guy.”

Carlos Gonzalez-Cadenas

Founder and CEO at
ExperienceOn Ventures

“Stefan is an excellent software engineer, specially in the mobile applications area. He's incredibly attentive to detail, writes very high-quality software and learns incredibly fast. Absolutely recommended!”

David Douek

Product Manager at
ExperienceOn Ventures

“Stefan is an impressive developer. He developed an extremely stable version of bliquo Android in no time. He then took over the iPhone development to integrate some complex and innovative features. He is very independent in his work and often over achieved the expectations. Stefan was also key in defining and improving the organization of the business unit.”

Pascual Bilotta

Creative Lead at
ExperienceOn Ventures

“Stefan has a great mind and a great heart. Honest with himself and with everyone else. He says what he thinks. He means what he says. He is very open-minded and is able to reach any goal he proposes. He is very responsible and organized. He gives a lot of himself and is very passionate about his work and ideas. A person who has taught me a lot in many levels.”

Maria Sipka

CEO at Linqia

“I greatly admire people who walk across broken glass to seek an opportunity. Stefan was determined to work for our company after relocating to Barcelona and invested significantly to prove that he was the man for the job. We hired him on his attitude and uncompromisable values and he exceeded all expectations. I was inspired by Stefan's diligence, persistence and 'out-of-the-box' mindset with the jobs he was tasked with. The team loved working with Stefan and didn't want him to leave. We've got a call option on you Stefan :-) and it would be fantastic to work with you again when our stars are aligned. People like you are hard to come by and you lifted the bar in many ways. Thank you!”

JC Duarte

COO at Linqia

“I found working with Stefan a highly rewarding & enriching experience for myself, as well as the entire team. Resourceful, committed, beyond expectations excellent results & generosity are the words that most exemplify Stefan's value added characteristics! Whilst Stefan came to Linqia by way of a very unique opportunity, and thus very short term, I would immediately hire him for a long term/permanent engagement had I the opportunity to do so!”

Stefan Klumpp
Engineer & Entrepreneur

Interested in Technology, Psychology and Design.

Passion for Excellence.